4 Flips in 7 Days: The ‘7 Day Flip’ TV Series Preview

What happens when you give a visionary house flipper and his crazy team a seemingly impossible task? You get 4 house flips in 7 days. Yeah, you heard right, 4 houses fully flipped from start to finish.

In this episode, host Bill Allen previews the new 7 Day Flip series with the flipper himself, Tyler Jensen. They discuss each of the challenges Tyler had to overcome to flip multiple houses in just one week.  

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Each week you’ll get a new episode breaking down exactly how they managed to pull this off… and how you can use these same strategies to jumpstart your real estate investing business.

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Highlights from the Episode

House flipper, Tyler Jensen, did his first seven day flip at the end of the summer of 2019 and he’s since done six more. Now he’s showing the world the method behind his madness in the new docuseries 7 Day Flip.

Here’s what Tyler had to say about his experience:

“These seven day flips have been hugely successful for us. We’ve come in under budget, which is crazy. We’re flipping these houses in seven days. Our contractors work really hard, but they make all the money in one week instead of spreading it out over a full month, so they love doing that.

The first flip was a science project. I wanted to see the wheels fall off and I wanted to see it crash and burn so I could understand where the inefficiencies are. Now it’s a tool that we have in our bag. We’re really good at this and it’s super beneficial to us.

We’re reducing costs and our holding time is going down. We can double our profits, essentially, because we’re doing them faster and we can get our money back quicker.”

Watch the trailer:

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