7FF 260: How Terry Built a High-Profit House Flipping Business While Hanging Out With His Kids (and Doing LESS Deals Than Everyone Else)

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Got a good friend here with me today…

His name is Terry Burger, and he’s been flipping houses for a few years.

But his business is a little different from most…

His goal isn’t to do “as many deals as possible.”

Instead, Terry’s #1 focus from the start was…

…spending as much time as he could with his family.

He’s never missed one of his son’s tournaments.

He goes on a vacation with his wife 4 times a year.

And he’s not “on call” every hour of the day.

So I asked him to jump on the podcast with me today to share his story and talk about how he runs his business… listen in now!

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Because he’s seen firsthand the kind of impact these 3 days can have on anyone who’s serious about launching or growing a house flipping / wholesaling business in today’s market.

If you want to create the kind of business and life that Terry has…

…then you need to be here this October.

But seats are limited and will sell out soon.

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See you there!

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