7FF 261: Meet the Guy Who Runs Bill Allen’s Real Estate Investing Business: Interview with Nate Johnson (Part 1)

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I want you to meet someone important.

I spend about 3 hours per week working on my house flipping and wholesaling business, and this guy is a big part of the reason why.

Meet Nate Johnson, my COO…

This is the guy who literally runs my flipping / wholesaling business behind the scenes.

I’m bringing him on the podcast today to chat about his story, how we met, how we started working together, and the way we’re running things now.

I know not everyone is ready to hire a “Nate” yet.

But if your goal is to scale your business (at any point)…

…then you’re going to want to hear this.

We were originally planning to talk for about 45 minutes, but we ended up chatting for about 2 hours! So I’m splitting this episode into 2 parts.  (The second part will come out tomorrow.)

Let’s dive in and talk shop!

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That kind of thing used to be reserved for our high-level mastermind meetings.

But at Flip Hacking LIVE this year, you’re going to meet them…

…and they’re going to give you an inside look at how every part of my business works.

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See you there!

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