7FF 276: How to Track the Numbers on 15 Deals Per Month (and Why it Matters)

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Listen up, house flippers and wholesalers…

A lot of real estate investors are skipping something VERY important.

This one thing can mean the difference between making money or losing money in your business.

(I’ve actually met people who THOUGHT they were making money flipping or wholesaling, but at the end of the year they LOST money because they skipped this.)

So what’s the thing all these investors AREN’T doing?

They’re not tracking their numbers.

Yeah, I know…

Bookkeeping, accounting, KPIs… ugh.

It’s boring, mind-numbing stuff, right?

Well, not the way Mike Simmons does it.

Mike is doing about 15 deals per month right now.

And he KNOWS his numbers.

  • How much it costs to get the phone to ring…
  • How much it costs to close a deal…
  • Average cost of renovations…
  • How much money he LOSES if his team misses a phone call…
  • …and a whole lot more.

Mike has this so dialed in that he can go on vacation with his family, pull up a couple quick reports, and get a full breakdown of how his company is doing and where he needs to make changes or improve all in under a minute.

That kind of clear, detailed tracking should be every investor’s goal.

And Mike is going to break down exactly how he does it at Flip Hacking LIVE this year.

He’s going to walk you through how to track your numbers in a way that keep you out of trouble without taking up a ton of time or making you want to bang your head against the wall.

I brought him on the podcast today to share a bit more about this topic and set the stage for his presentation at the event in a couple weeks…

…so let’s dive in!

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Tracking your numbers is critical whether you’re a new investor or you’ve been flipping and wholesaling for decades.

If you’re new and you aren’t doing a lot of deals yet, every dollar counts.

If you’re doing a lot of deals and scaling your business, small tweaks and adjustments can have a massive impact on your profit.

This stuff is important for EVERY investor.

And Mike is going to break down his tracking process at Flip Hacking LIVE.

So make sure to be there…

If you HAVEN’T claimed your spot yet, do it now!

CLICK HERE to Get Your Ticket to Flip Hacking LIVE! >>

See you there!

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