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Today’s episode of the podcast is… different.

I’m hanging out with Khush Italia, an incredible gal who’s part of our 7 Figure Flipping group. She and her brother Kurush are on track to close 80 deals together this year.

They’re crushing it.

But with their business growing, they’re running into some obstacles.

So Khush reached out to me and asked if she could get on a call to ask me some questions and get some feedback on where they can continue to improve their business.

I said, “Sure, but let’s do it as a podcast episode so everyone can listen in.”

And here we are.

Today, Khush is going to ask me some questions and break down some issues she and her brother are facing in their business…

…and I’m going answer and give my advice.

Think of it like listening in on a 7 Figure coaching call.

I don’t know where this is going to go…

…but it’ll be fun.

So let’s dive in!

Links & Resources

Digging into what’s working and what isn’t and figuring out how to overcome obstacles is a big part of what we’re going to be doing at Flip Hacking LIVE this week.

The event kicks off this Thursday.

If you haven’t gotten a ticket to attend yet, we’ve made room for a couple more chairs.

You can claim one of these last few spots here!

Having said that…

…I know not everyone is able to come out for a live event.

So we’re doing something we’ve NEVER done before.

We’re going to be LIVESTREAMING a couple sessions of Flip Hacking LIVE for free!

To access the livestream, sign up here (click below) and I’ll send you the link.

CLICK HERE to Sign Up for the Flip Hacking LIVESTREAM! >>

Then clear your schedule later this week so you can listen in!

Catch you on the flip side!

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