7FF 282: How to SHORTCUT success with accountability (Beka Shea at Flip Hacking LIVE)…

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One of the hardest things about an event like Flip Hacking LIVE…

…is getting back to “real life” afterward.

Let’s face it… we all struggle with taking action.

You can learn all the best deal sources, marketing tactics, funding secrets, and growth strategies…

…but if you never APPLY what you’ve learned, you won’t get anywhere.

Want to know what usually happens after most real estate investing events?

For most people, it’s something like this…

You go home excited and hyped up…

You wake up the next day ready to work on your business…

You flip open your book of notes from the event…

…and suddenly, you’re not sure where to start.

You’re not sure what to focus on first.  And while you’re thinking about it, your other responsibilities slip in.  Family stuff, day job, housework, errands…

Next thing you know, the day is over and you haven’t done anything for your business.

But hey, there’s always tomorrow, right? Well…

Tomorrow turns into another tomorrow.  And then another.  And after a while, it’s been months and you’re still trying to figure out where to start.

Sound familiar?

If this is something you’ve struggled with, I have some good news.

We solved this “problem” last week at Flip Hacking LIVE.


My good friend Beka Shea took the stage and went deep into how to bridge the gap between “knowing what to do” and actually DOING it.

And I want EVERYONE to see this…

…so I’m sharing the recording of her presentation on today’s episode of the podcast.

Listen in here!

Links & Resources

This morning, I shared some big news…

We’ve officially opened the doors to a new house flipping and wholesaling mentoring group called 7 Figure Runway.

I’ve built this program from the ground up to take you through everything you need to know to build a successful, systematized real estate investing business…

…and one of the biggest parts is accountability.

This group is designed around a core accountability structure led by Beka herself.

If you want to join, the doors will be open for a few more days.

But after that, we won’t be taking on any new members until October of next year.

Click below to learn more and sign up!

> (opens in a new tab)”>CLICK HERE to Join 7 Figure Runway (Closing SOON)! >>

Catch you on the flip side!

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