7FF 292: Leadership lessons from the Navy (with my C.O. Greg Sheahan)…

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At Flip Hacking LIVE, we talked about “core values.”

Your core values come from the people who have shaped your character throughout your life.

A few years ago, I did an exercise where I wrote down the top 3 people who have molded me into who I am today…

One of them was my dad, who I brought on the podcast a few days ago.

Another was Andy McFarland, one of my biggest mentors in real estate.

And one was the man I’m going to introduce to you today… retired Navy captain Greg Sheahan, who was the commanding officer of my squadron years ago.

Greg is an incredible leader, a mentor, and a good friend.

This is a guy who truly embodies values like integrity, stewardship, giving, and so many others…

…and I asked him to join me on the podcast today to share some leadership lessons from his decades as an officer in the Navy.

Now, you might be wondering…

…what does this have to do with real estate investing?

Well, let me put it this way…

What Greg and I are talking about today is the foundational stuff that will set you up to succeed at a high level in business, whether you’re flipping or wholesaling houses or you’re in another line of work altogether.

This stuff MATTERS.

If you’re not in a position of leadership yet, that’s okay.  This is still for you… take it in, reflect on it, let it shape you and prepare you for the future.

If you ARE in a position of leadership or you’re looking to take that step soon, buckle up…

…and let’s dive in!

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