7FF 296: How to Get 100% Funding (And Other Tips for House Flippers)

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I want you to imagine something for a moment…

You find a house on the MLS that you want to buy.

You call up the listing agent and say you’d like to make an offer.

The agent says, “Sure! Go ahead and fax me the offer.”

What’s the first thought that would go through your mind?

Probably something like What year is it?!

Larry and Janet French had this exact conversation with an agent not too long ago.

They’ve been in the real estate investing business since 2006.

And when the agent asked them to “fax the offer,” Larry says it taught them an important lesson.

That lesson is just one of the things Larry and Janet are sharing on today’s episode of the 7 Figure Flipping podcast.

Their real estate journey has been an unconventional one…

They’ve flipped houses, bought rentals, and done a lot of private lending.

At the start, though, they didn’t have any money of their own.

But they were able to fund their deals 100% by putting themselves in a unique position to meet with the people who could help them.

Recently, they made the decision to start growing and systematizing their business.

They came to Flip Hacking LIVE and joined 7 Figure Runway…

…so I asked them to come on the podcast and share their story and their goals.

There are some awesome takeaways in here… check it out!

Links & Resources

Looking for funding for your next flip?  Larry and Janet lend on deals in the state of California (with an emphasis on the desert areas of Southern California), and they’re able to fund deals very, very quickly.  To learn more and get funding, go to SilverMoonCo.com!

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