Essential Traits: The Fire Inside

Are entrepreneurs born with the drive for success, or is it a product of their experience? How do driven business owners avoid the pitfalls of ego and self-reliance? What can entrepreneurs do to harness their internal drive and maximize their potential? 

In this episode of the podcast Bill Allen sits down with real estate entrepreneur Jeremiah Johnson to discuss what separates a driven entrepreneur from the average person. 

In his book Entrepreneurial Leap, Gino Wickman identifies six traits entrepreneurs must possess in order to succeed. Being driven is one of these traits… and it’s a word that could be used to describe Jeremiah for most of his life.

Jeremiah turned a career in medical sales into a full time real estate investing business, doing $1,000,000 in sales and over 100 transactions in his first year (and nearly doubling that in year two).

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The Relationship Between Ego and Drive

People often correlate drive with ego and the need to be in control, but does being “driven” mean “being in charge?” Not according to Jeremiah. He says harnessing your drive for success starts with listening.

“Instead of thinking ‘I know it all,’ our attitude should be, ‘I know I’ve got the ability, but I really need to follow others who have blazed a trail ahead of me.’”

For Bill, self reflection is the key to maximizing drive and minimizing ego. “The time that I’ve known myself best has been building this company over the last five years,” Bill says. “I’ve really had to dig down deep and figure out, ‘who am I and what are my strengths and weaknesses?’ And then I’ve got to be okay with what I see.” 

Testing Your Resolve: How Driven Am I?

Difficult times like these could be the test to determine the strength of our drive. A driven entrepreneur is ready to be tested. Even a challenge as serious as the coronavirus can be seen as an opportunity for growth.

If you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the drive inside of you will push you to come out on top and to be bigger, better, and stronger than you were before. While the competition is washing out, the entrepreneur will find a way to win.

Most people aren’t interested in feeling this way. It’s uncomfortable. Driven people are running into the burning building while everyone else is running out. 

Is There a Downside to Drive? Can You Be Too Driven?

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to be all-in all the time. Business doesn’t just happen during the 9-5 window. If we’re not careful, our drive to succeed can consume our lives. 

The “driven” trait is like a gas pedal. Most entrepreneurs like to push the pedal to the metal, speeding past some of their other priorities, like health, family, and relationships.

Being driven is great for business growth, but can lead to a shortfall in other important areas. Responsibility, another one of Gino Wickman’s six traits, can be a counterbalance, but entrepreneurs often need outside help from a teammate or mentor to apply the brake.

Drive is a part of an entrepreneur’s DNA. It’s not something people learn. It’s up to the individual to add humility and coachability in order to see long term success.

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