How to Flip & Wholesale Houses in ANY Market WITHOUT Using Your Own Money (Start Today!)

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Tap into deal sources and marketing strategies that WORK in today's market...

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Systematize and automate EVERY part of your business so you can grow...

What's included?

Step-By-Step Videos Walk You Through the Tools & Training You Need to Ramp Up Your Real Estate Investing Business.

Inside the 7 Figure Video Vault, You'll Learn...

How to Set Your Goals, Create Your Plan, and Measure Your Results

Defining Your Marketing Strategy (Which Sellers You’ll Target & Why)

How to Find Motivated Sellers in Your Market (In a Matter of Minutes)

How to Pick a Good Market (Size, Competition, & Other Things to Look For)

What CRM You Should Use (And How I Set Mine Up)

Lead Intake: What to Do When a Seller Calls You

Acquisitions: Meeting With Sellers & Getting Contracts Signed

Budgets, Bids, & SOW’s (What You Need to Know)

Transaction Coordination: Understanding the Nuts-&-Bolts

How to Fund Your Flips (Without Using Any of Your Own Money)

How to Find & Manage GOOD Contractors (And Why It Matters)

What Contracts & Forms to Use When Buying Off-Market Houses

How to Systematize Your Renovations (To Save Money & Time)

How to Keep Your Renovations On-Track & Under Budget

Project Walkthrough: Behind the Scenes of a Flip

Renovation Wrap-Up (What to WATCH OUT For)

How to List, Stage, & Sell Your Flips FAST for Maximum Profit

How to Track Your KPIs & Keep Your Business Profitable

Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors: How to Track Every Dollar

What REALLY Matters in Your Wholesaling Business


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How to Find Cash Buyers in Your Market (In Minutes)

16 Hacks to Build & Grow Your Buyers List (You Can Use TODAY)

What to Do Before (and After) a Seller Appointment

Dispositions: How to Sell Your Contracts to Buyers

Deal Analysis: Part 1: Finding the ARV & As-Is Value (MLS)

Deal Analysis: Part 2: Finding the ARV & As-Is Value (Advanced)

Deal Analysis: Part 3: Estimating Repair Costs

Deal Analysis: Part 4: How to Determine Your Max Offer

Email Marketing Hacks to Get More Responses from Your Buyers List

What Contracts & Forms to Use When Assigning & Double Closing

How to Find Deals Without Spending Money on Marketing (Free Strategies)

9 Low-Cost Lead Sources Other Investors Are Skipping (This is Huge)

How to Use ListSource to Pull Lists of Motivated Sellers

How to Use “Skip Tracing” to Find Seller Contact Info

Marketing Strategy #1: Bandit Signs (Step By Step)

Marketing Strategy #2: Driving for Dollars (Full System)

Marketing Strategy #3: Ringless Voicemail

Marketing Strategy #4: Cold Calling

Marketing Strategy #5: Google Ads

Marketing Strategy #6: Facebook Ads

Marketing Strategy #7: Direct Mail (Plus Exact Templates)

Lead Intake: Part 1: How to Set the Appointment

Lead Intake: Part 2: Word Tracks & Scripts for Seller Calls

Acquisitions Sales Skills: How to Negotiate With Sellers

Dispositions Sales Skills: How to Negotiate With Buyers

Sales Training: Behind the Scenes of a Sales Meeting With My Team


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Marketing strategies to find off-market, profit-ready houses to flip (in ANY location)…

How to pay for the houses AND the repairs (WITHOUT using your own money)...

How to run the numbers on your deals (so your profit is built in BEFORE you buy)…

How to negotiate with sellers (without being pushy or “salesy”)...

How to estimate repairs, manage contractors, and streamline your rehabs...

Building a RESPONSIVE buyers list (so you can maximize your revenue)...

The systems and software you need (all the tools we use in my business)...

How to track your KPIs and run an effective, profitable business…

How to hire and train a team to do the work FOR you (so you can GROW)...

The Vault is Your Tactical Advantage
in any market

With everything that’s going on in the world right now…

…what are some of the biggest challenges house flippers and wholesalers are facing?

I asked a few investors to tell me the #1 thing they’re struggling with.

And here’s what they said…

  • “Lenders are hesitant to finance flips right now.”
  • “Private money is hard to find.”
  • “Sellers are hesitant to sell.”
  • “I’m not sure how to find or manage good contractors.”
  • “My flip has been on the market for weeks with no showings.”
  • “Can’t find buyers for wholesale deals.”
  • “Worried about getting a positive ROI as the market changes.”

Sounds like a pretty good summary of what’s going on in the real estate world, right?

Well, here’s the thing…

That list is from A YEAR AGO.

I asked that question back in 2019.

And those were the responses I got THEN.

(Back when the stock market was at a record high, mortgage rates were low, and real estate values were trending steadily upward.)

My point is this…

The issues we’re facing today are the same issues we’ve always faced.

Sure, sometimes the tactics might change…

But the fundamentals of this business are always the same.

I know some new investors are concerned about jumping in right now.

And some experienced investors are choosing to pull back until the dust settles.

I believe that’s a mistake.

If you’re “waiting for the right time,” I have some bad news for you…

There is no “right time.”

There’s no WRONG time, either.

That’s because this business isn’t about timing the market.

It’s about solving problems.

And when you understand how to connect with sellers, solve their problems, and pass those solutions on to your buyers, you’ll know how to make money no matter what happens to the “market.”

“That’s great, Bill,” you say. “But I’m still struggling with all that stuff you listed above.”

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve faced those same issues.

And this is where the “tactics” matter.

I’m a military guy. When I talk about “tactics,” I’m talking about the specific steps you need to follow to get the job done.

Tactics are the “HOW” of this business.

  • How do you find distressed properties in your market (as fast as possible)?
  • How do you get the RIGHT buyers on your list?
  • What do you send to sellers to get them to respond?
  • What should you say (and NOT say) when negotiating the sale?
  • How do you get private money to fund your flips?
  • Where do you find good contractors (who’ll finish on-time and under-budget)?
  • What marketing strategies are other investors overlooking?

Here’s the thing…

You can learn all of this.

That’s the great thing about tactics… they’re repeatable.

They can be taught. They can be shared.

There are no secrets to real estate investing… just tactics you haven’t learned yet.

So let’s talk about how to learn them.

Last week, I opened the doors to the 7 Figure Video Vault.

Inside the Vault, you can binge-watch all the tactical stuff I talked about above.

(Think of it like Netflix for real estate investors.)

I break down EVERYTHING…

  • How to find deals (in any market)…
  • How to fund them (without using your own money)…
  • What to do when a seller calls YOU…
  • How to add HUNGRY buyers to your list (starting TODAY)…
  • How to analyze deals to BUILD IN your profit before you buy…
  • The exact contracts and forms to use…
  • How to budget your renovations (and STAY on budget)…
  • How to sell your houses FAST for full value…

…and more.

I’ve got videos on ALL of this, showing you how my team and I are doing 200 deals per year in 3 markets right now.

I usually sell each video for $99.

With 45+ videos, that comes out to well over $4,000.

Would it be worth $4,000 to download all of the tactics I listed above into your brain over the next few days?

That’s a question only you can answer.

But for me, it would be a resounding “yes.”

When I was just getting started in my house flipping / wholesaling business, I would have GLADLY paid $4,000 to get the answers to everything I was struggling with.

I’m not going to ask you to do that, though.

Instead, you can get access to the ENTIRE vault for just $1997.

This price WILL be going up soon, though… so make sure you get in now.

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How to Flip & wholesale Houses in ANY Market WITHOUT Using Your Own Money (Start Today!)

Step-By-Step Videos Walk You Through the Tools & Training You Need to Ramp Up Your Real Estate Investing Business. Sign Up Below & Start Learning!

You DON’T have to “time” the market.

You DON’T have to wait on the sidelines.

You DON’T have to feel afraid or confused or uncertain about what to do next.

You just need the right tactics.

I don’t have all the answers. I can’t predict the future.

But I’m in the trenches. And I can tell you what’s working right now and what I’m doing to grow my business.

So if you’re stuck at home in quarantine…

…use this time to level up your real estate investing skills.

Get access to the FULL 7 Figure Flipping Video Vault at a HUGE discount today (before the price goes up).

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Who is the 7 Figure Video Vault for?

If you’re a new real estate investor, the Vault will walk you through a PROVEN process to follow as you launch your business.

If you’re an experienced investor, the Vault will break down the tactics, systems, and strategies that are working RIGHT NOW so you can do more deals while working less.

How long will I have access to the videos?

Your membership in the Vault lasts for a full 12 months starting from the date you join. At the end of the 12 months, your membership will automatically renew at the same rate ($1997 / year). You can cancel your membership at any time in your account dashboard if you don’t wish to renew.

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