Growing Your House Flipping Team in an Unstable Economy

Luc Boiron purchased his first investment property in 2007 when he was only 18 years old. 

By 2017 Luc had graduated college, finished law school, and become a full-time real estate investor, flipping 17 houses in his first year. 

He made $70,000 on his FIRST wholesale deal.

Luc is one of the most driven entrepreneurs in the 7 Figure Flipping community.

He came to his first Flip Hacking LIVE event having made over $500,000 in the previous year, but he didn’t know how to scale his growth. He was trying to run his business on his own.

Luc’s goal was to get himself out of the day-to-day operations of the business, but he was working constantly.

Today, he has 17 people in his company. His business brought in close to $3.5 million in gross profit in 2019.

How did Luc grow his business so quickly? 

What are the practical steps that he took?

How did he find the right people for his team?

What mistakes did he make along the way?

And most of all, with the coronavirus pandemic slowing the economy, what’s next?

Many businesses are firing people and shutting their doors right now. People are unsure about the future of the real estate market.

In this episode, Bill and Luc break down how they’ve reacted to the coronavirus shutdowns and how they’re managing their teams and their businesses going forward.

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