How I’m Preparing My Business for What’s Coming (Live Call on Thursday)

I’m making some changes to my business right now.

We’re still flipping and wholesaling just as many houses as before.

But we’re doing some things differently.

And I’m holding a live call on Thursday (click here to sign up) where I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY what’s changing (and what you need to know) as the market shifts.

I’m not going to try to predict the future.

But there are some things we can ALL do right now to stay strong.

Zoom only gives us a limited number of spots for this call…

So hit the link below to sign up before it’s full.

LIVE CALL: 7 Figure Flipping Tactics for Today’s REI Business (Sign Up)
DATE: Thursday, April 2
TIME: 5:30 PM Pacific Time / 8:30 PM Eastern Time

There are a lot of GOOD things happening right now.

And there’s a lot of uncertainty too.

The important thing is to NOT back away from what’s happening in the world.

Instead, let’s talk about it and look ahead and be prepared.

  • I’m going to talk about the changes I’m making in my business…
  • I’m going to share some of the things our 7 Figure Flipping members are doing…
  • I’m going to answers questions from our public Facebook group…

So if you’re involved in the real estate world in ANY way, you’re invited.

I’ve never held a live call like this before, but I want to give us a chance to come together as a community.

We’re all in this together.

Let’s learn together and grow together.

Here’s the link again for the call…

CLICK HERE to Get a Spot on Thursday’s Live Call >>

Talk to you soon.

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