How to Flip Four Houses in Seven Days (And Live to Tell About It)

What’s it like to be the project manager on four house flips in just seven days?

In this episode, host Bill Allen talks to Jeffrey Lowe, the contractor for the 7-Day Flip YouTube docuseries. The 7-Day Flip series follows a house flipper and his crew as they attempt four 7-day house flips in just one week.

Bill and Jeffrey discuss exactly how they managed to pull this project off, as well as key insights every house flipper needs to know, like how to find and manage good contractors.

Go inside the mind of a contractor with today’s guest, Jeffrey Lowe.

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Highlights from the Episode

Bill: One of the big issues that house flippers have is finding good contractors. How should a real estate investor find their contractor?

Jeffrey: I think I’m paraphrasing you, Bill, when I say, “Hire the person, not the job.”

If someone is standing in front of you and you’re considering them for the job, chances are they already meet the generic standard for skill set, so they can probably do the job. So ask yourself, “Is this the human being who I want to be a part of my life?”

Does the person fit your core values? Are they moving in the same direction you’re going? Can you tolerate them? If you’re going to have to work with someone every single day, and if you’re going to build a part of your business with them, you have to make sure the person aligns with who you are and that you look forward to working with them.

The logistics of finding capable contractors is easy. You can use a phone book or google or a recommendation from a friend. The difficult part is screening the contractors to find who the right person is for your business.

Bill: What I’ve found is, if I can get the right people around me, then it’s up to me to make sure that I give them the tools and the skills and the path to success. A lot of times when someone fails in their job role, it’s typically my fault. Either I hired the wrong person or I didn’t give them what they needed.

If you have the wrong person in a particular seat, every day that you allow them to remain in that seat, you’re robbing them of doing something that they really love and should be doing instead.

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