How to Get the Most Out of Flip Hacking LIVE (Do This to Prep!)

It’s 1 week till Flip Hacking LIVE…

So let’s talk about how to prepare for an event like this.

It’s easy to just “show up” and not really maximize your time.

We’re all busy… and distractions can pull us in 100 different directions.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I just recorded this episode with productivity expert Nina Ferraro (who’s going to be speaking at Flip Hacking LIVE!) where we talked about what to do before the event and how to prepare for success.

If you’ve already signed up for FHL, this is IMPORTANT.

If you HAVEN’T signed up yet, go get your ticket now at

…then come back and listen to this!

Here’s how to get the most out of Flip Hacking LIVE…

Links and Resources

Nina Ferraro is a productivity expert and co-founder of Boldly + Co., where she creates tools and training to help entrepreneurs maximize their time and their results. Learn more at the link below!


Flip Hacking LIVE is coming up fast. It’s happening October 15-17, which is NEXT WEEK! Go to and sign up now if you haven’t yet!


I’m going to give you an exact blueprint to follow to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in private funding for your real estate business over the next 30 days. I asked myself, “If I could go back 5 years and teach myself everything I wish I had known about private funding back when I was first getting started, how would I do it? That’s where the 30 Days to $500k Challenge came from… learn more at the link below!


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