Making an Impact Beyond the REI Market

If the 7 Figure Flipping community has proven anything, it’s that nothing is impossible. 

Its new 7-Day Flip series, like the four-minute-mile in 1954, shows that many things seem impossible until someone does them. 

Bill Allen’s infant son, James, needed four open heart surgeries in the first six months he was alive. The 7 Figure Flipping community gave a gift of $35,000 to the Children’s Heart Foundation in James’ honor before he was even born. 

A year later, the community sponsored the Jared Prescott Trust, providing wells and schools in Myanmar. 

Two years ago the 7 Figure Flipping community donated $150,000 to support Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) in the fight to end human trafficking.  

Last year the donation to OUR was $155,000. 

Now the 7 Figure Flipping community is GIVING AWAY A HOUSE to a Gold Star family

The impact 7 Figure Flipping has had on others in the past few years is awe-inspiring, yet an even greater impact lies ahead. 

Hear host, Bill Allen, share his vision for the 7 Figure Flipping community in this episode and be inspired!

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