The 5 Secrets to Creating Win-Win Deals: Interview With Bob Burg

When I first got into real estate investing, I hated to spend money.

So I would go to the library and check out books.

I read books about real estate, business systems, personal growth, and so on.

But there was one issue I couldn’t wrap my head around at first…

As investors, we buy houses at a discount.

We go to sellers and we make below-retail offers.

This is where our profit comes from.

But what’s in it for the SELLER?

Why would any seller accept one of these low offers?

This used to bother me.

Then on one of my trips to the library, I picked up a book I’ll never forget.

It changed how I thought about everything.

It was “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg.

And it taught me a lot…

But one of the biggest things it taught me was how to create “win-win” deals.

It gave me the answer to “What’s in it for the seller?”

This book is powerful…

And for the past couple months, I’ve been trying to get Bob Burg himself to come on the podcast and share his insights.

Well, I’m happy to announce that it finally happened…

Bob and I hung out for about 45 minutes while he shared the 5 secrets to excelling in business and in life.

(The same 5 secrets that helped me close more deals when I was getting started.)

Check out the interview above!

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  • I give a copy of “The Go-Giver” to EVERYONE who joins the 7 Figure Altitude group. That’s how important this book is.If you’ve never read, it, go get a copy (it’s life changing and it’s a quick read).

    Our community is built around the principles of abundance and giving value to others. If you’re an experienced house flipper or wholesaler and you’re ready to surround yourself with other serious investors driven by the same “go-giver” mentality that Bob talks about in this podcast episode, then I invite you to apply to join us in 7 Figure Altitude.

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  • To learn more about Bob and check out all of his work, head over to his website,!

  • One of the most powerful outcomes of Bob’s “go-giver” approach to business is that it naturally leads to authentic word-of-mouth marketing and massive amounts of referral customers. Bob has built an entire training system around the concept of “Endless Referrals.” If you want to generate a flood of free referral customers for your business, head over to to learn more.

  • Bob referenced a specific “secret” in this episode that he broke down in detail on his blog. You can check it out here.

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