The CARES Act Explained: What House Flippers & Wholesalers Need to Know (Coronavirus Relief)

So what’s going on with the CARES Act?

And what does it mean for real estate investors?

In case you haven’t heard, the US government just rolled out a “coronavirus relief bill” containing some financial programs for small business owners.

There are some BIG benefits in here.

But this whole thing can be a little confusing.

There isn’t a lot of info available yet.

So I asked my friend John Hyre to join me on the podcast today to break down what house flippers and wholesalers NEED TO KNOW about this stimulus package.

John is a tax attorney and an accountant.

And he’s the guy I turn to for complex financial stuff like this.

If you want to know how to tap into the provisions of this bill and keep your business running strong over the coming months, listen in here…

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  • There are a lot of changes happening in the real estate investing world right now. The CARES Act is just one part of this shifting landscape.

    I’m holding a live call tonight where I’m going to break down some of the other changes I’m seeing and what I’m doing differently in my business in response.

    It’s happening at 5:30 PM Pacific Time / 8:30 PM Eastern Time today. We’re limited in how many people we can have on this call… and spots are filling up.

    If you haven’t signed up yet, click the link below…

    CLICK HERE to Get a Spot on Tonight’s Live Call >>

  • John Hyre held a webinar the other day where he went into extreme detail on the topics we covered in this episode. I actually bought this webinar for ALL of our 7 Figure Runway and 7 Figure Altitude members, because I believe it’s THAT important. (And because this is the kind of thing we do for our members.) If you’re a serious real estate investor, you need to see this. It’s well worth the cost. Click here to watch it!

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