What to Do If You’re Worried About the Future: 3 Lessons From Michael Jordan

I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying.” 

If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them. Everyone has had them. Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out a way to climb it.” 

“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. But once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable, stay in touch, and don’t isolate.” 

Michael Jordan, The Last Dance


A lot of real estate investors are worried about the future right now.

People who’ve never flipped a house before are wondering if now is the right time to jump in.

People who are already doing deals but don’t have a lot of cash saved up are hesitant to keep pushing forward, wondering if they’re going to lose it all on the next house.

People who are running large flipping or wholesaling operations are worried about keeping their deal flow high and making payroll.

Whatever experience level you’re at…

…there’s something going on.

Uncertainty. Challenges. Obstacles.

And as business owners, it’s easy to let worry and fear infect our minds and hold us back.

So I want to share some words of inspiration and break down the next steps for house flippers and wholesalers facing these concerns.

Let’s dive in!

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