Why Generosity is the Secret to Living a FULL Life as a Real Estate Investor

If you know me, you know real estate investing is my “thing.”

It’s how I provide for my family.

It’s the main subject of my podcast.

It’s what I talk about in emails like this one.

But today I want to share something very different.

This isn’t going to be about real estate.

(Not directly, at least.)

I just finished up recording a new podcast episode…

…and the man I interviewed is not an investor.

He’s a pastor.

Curtis Zackery is a pastor at Church of the City, the church I attend with my family.

I asked Curtis to join me on the podcast today to talk about what TRUE success looks like.

It isn’t just money.

It isn’t just the size of your business or the number of deals you’re doing.

In the end, these things don’t bring lasting fulfillment.

So Curtis and I are digging into some of the “deeper” questions of life…

Why are you waking up and working hard every day?

What’s the defining purpose that pulls you forward?

And what should you do when that purpose starts to fade? When you start to feel burnt out?

I know this type of message may not resonate with everyone.

But regardless of your spiritual beliefs, I invite you to listen in…

…because if you want to live a life of purpose and meaning and wholeness, what we’re talking about today matters more than anything else.

Let’s dive in!

Links & Resources

  • Curtis recently released a book called “Soul Rest” that goes much deeper into what we talked about today. If you’re ready to do the intentional work of building a sustainable, purposeful life, head over to SoulRestBook.com and get a copy!
  • He’s also starting a ministry called “Find Rest” designed for people in the business world who are serious about achieving a sustainable, healthy spiritual order in their lives.  Check it out at FindRest.org!
  • Flip Hacking LIVE tickets for October 2020 are available now! This event sells out every year, and as a result, the ticket price will be going up as the event gets closer… so if you haven’t gotten your ticket to yet, click here to sign up now!

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