$60,000 Wholesale Fee from a Facebook Post (Here’s How to Do It)

If you’re flipping or wholesaling houses, your job is to get in front of as many motivated sellers as you can.

The problem is, these sellers are hard to find.

Marketing is a major expense for real estate investors…

And some of the “tried and true” marketing methods, like direct mail, are getting more and more expensive… while bringing in fewer results.

So what’s the “next” big lead source?

Stephanie Betters says it’s Facebook.

And she’s got proof.

Let me ask you this…

What if you could get highly motivated sellers to contact YOU…

…while also building trust BEFORE you go on the appointment?

(So much trust that the seller will give you a hug the moment you arrive?)

And what if you could do this without making any phone calls or sending any mailers?

Without buying lists or pissing off any unmotivated homeowners?

What if it was as simple as opening a Facebook message?

And what if you could collect $180,000 in wholesale fees per year JUST with this 1 method?

Well, you can…

Stephanie and her husband Zach are doing this right now.

They average about 3 deals per quarter form Facebook.

And some of those deals have been MASSIVE (including one $60,000 wholesale fee a couple months ago).

I’m sitting down with Stephanie on the 7 Figure Flipping podcast today as she breaks down how she’s generating leads and building trust through Facebook…

…and why it’s the #1 overlooked marketing method for real estate investors.

Let’s dive in!

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  • If Facebook marketing is so great, why are so many real estate investors ignoring it? The answer is… many investors don’t know how to build real, authentic engagement with their followers.

    They don’t know what to post. They don’t know how to inspire conversations with their followers.

    It’s not enough to just post an inspirational quote once a week.

    To help solve this problem, Stephanie is giving away a few “cheat sheets” she uses to generate engaging content on her own Facebook page. You can literally fill in the blanks and use these same content ideas yourself.

    (And you KNOW this stuff works.)

    To grab a copy of Stephanie’s “cheat sheets,” click below…

    CLICK HERE to Get the Facebook Engagement “Cheat Sheets” >>

    Catch you on the flip side!

  • And if you’re a real estate investor and you’re interested in having Stephanie manage your social media marketing, you can reach out to her at stephanie@choosebetterpath.com.

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