7FF 274: How Chris and Heather Did 80 Deals in 1 Year From an “Untapped” Lead Source (NO Direct Mail)

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It took Chris and Heather 6 months to land their first deal.

They’re wholesalers…

…so for them, getting motivated seller leads was the #1 thing they had to figure out.

It wasn’t easy at first.

They didn’t have a large budget for marketing.

So they did whatever they could.

They started with bandit signs. Then got into direct mail.

And for a while, things were good.

But it was costing them about $7,000 to land 1 deal.

If you’re wholesaling, that kind of marketing spend will eat into your profit fast.

Then they stumbled upon a new lead source…

…and this year, they’re on track to do 80 DEALS, with a 7-to-1 profit margin PER DEAL.

Their cost per deal has dropped to just $2500.

They’re getting in front of sellers that other investors AREN’T targeting (little to no competition).

They’re closing 90% of these deals OVER THE PHONE.

And they are CRUSHING it.

Get the whole story on today’s episode…

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Chris and Heather will be speaking at Flip Hacking LIVE…

…and they’re going to share a full breakdown of EXACTLY how they’re landing these deals so you can copy their exact system for yourself.

If you want to do an extra 6 or 7 deals per month from an “untapped” lead source…

…you need to be at this event.

If you HAVEN’T claimed your spot yet, do it now!

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And I’ll see you there!

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