7FF 284: How to get MORE seller appointments from your marketing (Val Brega at Flip Hacking LIVE)…

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Val Brega is my lead intake manager.

When a seller calls in wanting to sell us their house, Val’s lead intake team takes the call, screens the prospect, and sets up the appointment for our acquisitions team.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Here’s the thing, though…

Lead intake is where your marketing dollars turn into potential revenue.

If something is “off” with your lead intake process…

If you’re not getting to the phone fast enough…

If you’re not following up with leads the right way…

If you’re not screening and qualifying sellers effectively…

If you’re not pre-framing the appointment for success from the first call…

…then you’re going to miss out on deals.

In some ways, lead intake is one of the most volatile and unforgiving parts of your house flipping or wholesaling business.

So at Flip Hacking LIVE, I asked Val to share our lead intake process.

And today, I’m sharing the recording of her presentation here on the podcast.

Check it out here!

Links & Resources

Val is going to be getting on regular coaching calls with the 7 Figure Runway group over the next 12 months, where she’s going to be going deep into how to effectively build out your own lead intake team.

And the other members of my team will be doing the same.

If you’re a Runway member…

…you’re going to get 12 months of hands-on guidance as you implement the exact systems we’re using into your own business.

If you’re NOT a Runway member yet…

…we held our kick off call last night.  But you can still join the group and catch up.

We’re closing the doors at midnight on Thursday.

If you want to be part of this journey over the next 12 months, click below to join now!

CLICK HERE to Join 7 Figure Runway (Closing SOON) >>

Catch you on the flip side!

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