7FF 289: How to make an extra $1,000,000 by hiring the RIGHT team (Nate Johnson at Flip Hacking LIVE)…

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Listen up, house flippers and wholesalers…

Who you have on your team matters.

As you start growing your business, your “people” will matter more than anything else.

In 2017, my company did about 200 deals.

In 2018, we did about 200 deals again…

…but we made an extra $1,000,000 from those deals.

That’s a HUGE difference.

So where did that additional million dollars come from in 2018?

It came from having the right team in place.

And getting to that point wasn’t easy.

At Flip Hacking LIVE a couple weeks ago, my C.O.O. Nate Johnson and I broke down what we went through to put our team together… the mistakes we made, what we learned, and how we got to where we are now.

I’m sharing that presentation here on the podcast today…

Let’s dive in!

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Nate and I are holding a live event in Nashville in early December where we’re going to break down how to find, hire and train your COO to “run your business” the way Nate runs Blackjack Real Estate. Seats are limited… so if you want to learn more and sign up for a spot, head over to Dash2Live.com!

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