7FF 295: Scaling a House Flipping Business in 3 WEEKS (While Launching a NEW Wholesaling Business)

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I’ve never seen someone do this before.

Brent Meeks came to Flip Hacking LIVE just a few weeks ago.

And since then, he’s been working on his real estate investing business like crazy…

  • Hiring a full team…
  • Mapping out processes…
  • Setting up CRM and lead intake systems…
  • Developing a 12-month marketing plan…
  • …and more.

He’s been flipping houses for a couple years.

And he’s been done pretty well… so far this year, he’s flipped about 14 houses.

But it was mostly just him and his contractor and bookkeeper who handled those deals.

  • He wasn’t doing any direct-to-seller marketing to generate leads.
  • He wasn’t wholesaling anything (just flipping).
  • He didn’t have an internal team to handle leads, appointments, or dispositions.
  • He had no buyers list.
  • His profit margins were razor-thin.

But after Flip Hacking LIVE, Brent got to work.

And he’s done more in 3 weeks than most people accomplish in 5 years.

So I asked him to come on the podcast today and break down what he’s been up to.

It’s seriously inspiring.

I’ve never seen someone ramp up their business this fast…

(He’s already done his first wholesale deal, and they haven’t even started marketing yet.)

Prepare to have your mind blown!

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