7FF 304: Your #1 Threat is Yourself: How to Break Through Your Own Limits

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4 years ago, we started the original 7 Figure Flipping mastermind group.

(Which is now called 7 Figure Altitude).

One of the first members of the group was a retired NYPD officer named Joe Cordes.

Joe got into real estate investing at the young age of 23.

He bought a rental with his brother, fixed it up, and held it for a while.

But then he stopped.

He didn’t do another real estate deal for 25 years.

He would sometimes look for properties and even made a few offers from time to time, but he was “nervous,” he says.

There weren’t many good ways to learn the business.

And the people in his life… his friends and family and coworkers… they weren’t investors or entrepreneurs, so he didn’t have anyone he could turn to for help.

But after retiring from the NYPD, he decided to get into flipping.

He flipped a house and made some money.

Then he flipped another house and broke even.

Then he flipped a third house and lost money.

And at that point, Joe understood that he was flying blind and needed a different approach.

He needed to get around a circle of people who could help him learn.

That’s when he found 7 Figure Flipping.

And the rest is history, right?

Well… no.

Joe’s story actually has a couple more twists and turns…

And he’s learned some powerful stuff along the way.

That’s why I asked him to join me on today’s episode of the podcast.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s dig in…

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Surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success.

Doesn’t matter what business or line of work you’re in…

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

For Joe, getting around the right people was crucial.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “I don’t have anyone in my life who believes in me, I don’t have anyone who can show me the ropes in this business, I don’t have anyone to learn from…”

…then listen up.

Every year, we hold an event called Flip Hacking LIVE.

Our next event is happening in October 2020 in Orlando, FL.

If you’re serious about flipping or wholesaling houses, this is where you’ll find your tribe.

This is your chance to learn from the best.

This is your chance to sit down with many of the same investors Joe met at that first 7 Figure Flipping meeting 4 years ago.

And until December 31st, tickets to FHL are just $397 per person.

Get yours now (before the price goes up)…

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Catch you on the flip side!

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