7FF 307: New Year, New You (Who Are YOU Going to Be?)

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Happy new year! Happy new decade!

A couple days ago, I told you about everything that went WRONG for me and my company in 2019.

Today, I want to talk about 2020.

There’s a lot at stake.

And a big part of your success this year will come down to your goals.

What are your goals for the year?

Are you aiming too small? Or too big (which is an even bigger problem)?

Every year, I come up with a single-word “theme” and align my goals around it.

This “theme” is what I’m truly trying to accomplish over the course of the year.

Last year, the word was STABILITY.

(Listen to the previous episode and you’ll see why.)

This year, the word is CLARITY.

If you’re a real estate investor, I want to help you make this your best year ever.

I figured the best way to do that is to break down MY goals for 2020 here and explain how and why I’ve chosen them.

(And also the reason I’m choosing “clarity” as the theme.)

Let’s dive in!

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