7FF 310: The #1 Personality Trait Every House Flipper MUST Have (and Other Success Secrets)

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Sometimes I hear investors say flipping and wholesaling houses “doesn’t work” anymore.

They talk about how they “can’t find any deals…”

They talk about how the margins are too thin and there’s no “meat on the bone…”

They talk about how there are “too many other investors…”

And so on.

Any of this sound familiar?

If you ask these investors WHY they’re struggling, they can usually give you a long list of reasons…

They’ll blame sellers for pricing their homes too high.

They’ll blame the “market” for being too cold (or too hot).

They’ll blame their contractors or agents or other team members for dropping the ball.

You get the idea.

All of these reasons have 1 thing in common.

They’re all “external.”

But the REAL reason some investors burn out and quit is because they’re lacking 1 key personality trait.

You HAVE to have this if you want to succeed in real estate…

And the good news is, anyone can learn it.

This is just one of the success secrets Tyler Jensen and I are digging into on today’s episode of the podcast.

You might remember Tyler as the guy who started and finished a full $40,000 rehab in 7 days.

At Flip Hacking LIVE, he shared how he and his team did it, step by step.

It was awesome.

But today, I want to get a bit more personal…

I asked Tyler to share the mindset practices and success habits that have helped him ramp up his house flipping business over the past couple years.

And there are some big takeaways here…

Real estate investing isn’t easy.

This isn’t a “get rich quick” business.

But if you stick with it and surround yourself with the right people, you can achieve some incredible things.

Get out there and take action!

Links & Resources

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  • Tyler spoke at Flip Hacking LIVE this past October. He’s exactly the caliber of speaker we want to have at our events… and while I can’t spill the beans yet on whether he’s coming back to Flip Hacking LIVE this year, I can promise you it’s going to be a mind-blowing event as always. So if you haven’t gotten your ticket to yet, click here to sign up now!

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