7FF 311: Struggling House Flippers: You Don’t Need More Motivation… You Need Better Habits

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In his first year flipping houses, Kyle Burnett lost $700.

That was in 2016.

By mid-2018, he was making decent money and had a few flips going simultaneously, but he was doing all the work himself and it was eating up his evenings and weekends.

“Everything was operating at 50%,” he says. Nothing was great.

He joined the 7 Figure Altitude mastermind group around that time.

Last year, he earned a solid 6-figure net profit.

He currently has 5 flips underway and is closing on several more.

And more importantly, he’s been able to step back and take his family on some vacations while freeing up more of his time.

Just another success story, right?

Well, yes… but there’s a bit more to it than that.

I asked Kyle to join me on the podcast today to share his top success habits… the daily practices and mindset shifts that have made him successful.

And we DID get into that.

But the conversation ended up going a different direction than I expected.

Here’s the thing…

Just like me and you and everyone else, Kyle has had his share of struggles.

And just like all of us, there are things he’s still struggling with right now.

We’re all on a journey.

We’re all still learning and growing.

And the only way to TRULY grow is to be open and vulnerable.

There’s a LOT we can learn from Kyle’s story and from what he had to say in this interview… so let’s dive in!

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