How Philip is Doing 100 Deals Per Year With SMS, Voicemails, & Other Marketing Hacks


Philip Blake Porter did almost 100 deals last year.

And a lot of those deals came from “overlooked” marketing channels.

I say “overlooked” because I know a lot of real estate investors AREN’T using these strategies.

I’m talking about things like…

  • SMS marketing (text messages)…
  • Ringless voicemail…
  • Cold calling…

…and so on.

The investors doing this stuff are getting in front of sellers faster…

They’re landing deals other flippers and wholesalers are missing…

And they’re tapping into higher-quality lead sources.

Philip is one of the best marketers I know.

So I asked him to join me on the 7 Figure Flipping podcast today to share his secrets on SMS, voicemail drops, and more.

This is one of the most gold-packed interviews I’ve ever done.

If you’re looking for some simple but powerful ways to get in touch with more motivated sellers, this is for you…

Listen in below!

Links & Resources

  • Philip is a member of the 7 Figure Altitude mastermind group. And when he joined, his business REALLY took off.

    He started hitting $100,000 per month consistently just 3 months in… all because he made the decision to surround himself with investors who were already doing it.

    If you’re an experienced house flipper or wholesaler, and you’re ready to start hanging out with guys like Philip and swapping knowledge with the members of this group, then head over to and apply to join. It’s not for everyone. But if it’s a good fit, let’s get you in and start ramping up your business.

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