How to Crush Your Doubts and Stop Feeling Like an Impostor (7 Figure Cruise Sneak Peek)

I just spent 7 days hanging out on a cruise ship with 100+ real estate investors.

It was the first-ever 7 Figure Cruise…

…and it was awesome. A huge success.

We had close to 200 people in our group (our members and their families).

We spent about half the time enjoying the Caribbean…

…and the rest of the time masterminding and working on our businesses.

We held a variety of sessions on topics like sales, marketing, hiring, KPIs, leadership, business systems, and more.

And I want to give you an inside look at what went down.

Toward the end of the cruise, I decided to hold one final session…

I went up to the front of the room and stood at the whiteboard.

And I asked our Altitude and Runway members, “What doubts do you have in your head right now?”

We had just spent 6 days covering all this awesome material…

But going home and actually implementing this stuff can be challenging.

It’s overwhelming.

It’s scary.

And unfortunately, I know too many real estate investors who never apply what they learn because their own fears and self-doubt hold them back.

I knew we had to address this before we got off the boat…

So I asked our members to share what they were feeling in that moment.

And as they spoke up, I started writing down a huge list of “doubts” on the whiteboard.

Negative thoughts. Limiting beliefs. False assumptions.

And we spent the next hour or so obliterating those mental obstacles.

That final session turned out to be the most popular session of the cruise by far.

So I want to share part of it with you.

I want you to see what really happens at our events…

But more than that, I want you to see that all of us, even the most experienced investors in the room, struggle with doubt sometimes.

The question is, are you going to let it rule you? Are you going to let it stop you?

Or are you going to crush it?

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  • We’re definitely holding another cruise for our members next year. But we have a few more events lined up before that. If you’re an experienced house flipper or wholesaler and you want to get in this room, our next mastermind meeting is happening in Atlanta in April. Let me know if you want me to save you a seat. Click here to apply to join the group. Let’s talk and see if it’s the right fit!

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