How to Get 100% Private Funding For High-End Flips ($500k and Up)

Sheri got into real estate investing by accident.

She owned a home but had to move, so she rented it out.

That got her hooked on the idea of making money in real estate.

But she lives in Southern California…

…where home prices are pretty steep.

Sheri was determined, though…

So she became something of an expert at raising private capital to fund her flips.

I asked her to join me on the podcast today to share how she does it.

Our conversation gets into things like…

  • How she did her first rehab in 12 days…
  • How she grew from 3 deals per year to 14 houses per year in 2 years…
  • Why she DIDN’T accept $600,000 in private funds one potential lender…
  • What happened when she lost money on a house…
  • Where her private money is coming from (mostly all 1 method)…
  • How she closed a $720k seller finance deal that should net $200k profit…
  • Why she now has complete confidence that she can fund any deal she gets…

…and more.

I’ve put out a few episodes recently on “raising money.”

And I’ve focused on this topic for one simple reason…

Every day, I get multiple messages (from new and experienced real estate investors alike) who tell me they’re “stuck” because they’ve run out of money.

My goal these past couple weeks has been to show you how to break through that obstacle.

There’s a ton of money out there…

It’s just a question of understanding how to put it to work for YOU.

With that in mind, let’s dive in to my interview with Sheri…!

Links & Resources

  • Sheri is a member of the 7 Figure Altitude group. I’ve brought a few of our members on the podcast recently… and one thing I always ask is “What made you decide to join?”

    In Sheri’s case, she just renewed her membership for a second year. And her reason for staying? “Learning how to do things faster, better, more efficiently,” she says. That’s just part of it… she shares more in the episode.

    If you’re interested in joining 7 Figure Altitude, I invite you to fill out a short application and we’ll talk and see if it’s a good fit.  Head over to to apply!

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