No Money? No Time? How to Wholesale 67+ Houses in 1 Year

I used to think wholesaling houses was “scammy.”

But that was before I understood it.

And once I understood the critical role wholesalers play in the real estate market and how they add value to sellers AND buyers, it was like the ceiling was blown off…

I went from doing a couple deals per year to 67 deals my first year wholesaling.

And it completely changed my life.

I haven’t shared my story on here in a while, so I want to do something different with this podcast episode…

Just over a week ago, I held a “virtual event” for U.S. military veterans and active duty service members who invest in real estate or who want to start.

(My original plan was to hold this event in person, but COVID-19 had other ideas.)

I’ve taken my presentation from that event and dropped it here, uncut just like I delivered it to our paying attendees.

I’m breaking down my story, my background, my journey…

…as well as some tips and tactics you can use to ramp up your own real estate wholesaling business right now.

My hope is that this will inspire you and give you some actionable takeaways to implement.

Catch you on the flip side!

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Want to get all the recordings from Veterans REI Live? For a limited time, you can still get access. All proceeds go to support Veterans Community Project, a charity that builds houses for homeless veterans. To get access to all the recordings (and support the cause), hit the link below!


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